Belt Conveyor

belt conveyor

Belt Conveyors

We offer a Belt Conveyor is used for transport and buffer storage of boxed unit load with flat bottom. Belt Conveyor is a head drive PVC type belt conveyor with high speed and low noise. Belt conveyor offer by us is labor-saving & durable and is available in competitive price.


  • Economic and practical, as well as high in performance–price ratio.
  • Modularized design and easy assembling.
  • Height of support leg is adjustable, with wide application.
  • Surface is treated by electrostatic spray.

Technical Specification :

Model Belt Conveyor
Roller Type Belt Type
Width(mm) 300
Diameter of Roller(mm) 50
Min Height(mm) 500
Length(mm) 300
Speed Mt/Min 15
Power 1.5kw
Source AC 220/50HZ