PET Strapping Rolls

Shrink ChamberThe Pet Strapping Rolls is finest quality strapping indigenously developed and manufactured to international standards from suitable polymers, well accepted by the industry, suitable for all types of semi & fully automatic strapping machines available globally. We at Millenium Packaging Solutions have the infrastructure to supply all types of polypropylene strapping from 5mm to 19mm of specified thickness and quality to suit your requirement.

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Shrink ChamberThere ore 3 basic types of Shrink Films available i.e. PVG, LDPE & Polyolefin Films. Films can be supplied in the form of Single sheet, Centre folded film as well as pouches depending upon the product to be packed & cutomers specific requirement.

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Stretch Films

Shrink ChamberStructured with exotic polyolefins of the new generation
Suitable for manual and automatic stretch wrapping machines
Excellent elongation and stretch memory
Very high puncture and tear resistance
High clarity and high gloss film
Suitable for pallet wrapping and packaging of industrial products
Available in rolls in thickness between 23 to 45 micron and widths upto 500 mm

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